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I'm Yvette Meléndez

In more than 35 years of executive leadership in the Hartford Region, what shines brightest for me is the power of engagement. Of connecting people and perspectives to navigate the journey from one place to another. Because bridges are positive motion. The sustaining force of healthy organizations and their paths to growth and success.

My career spans large organizations in healthcare, higher education, philanthropy, and government - and that diversity of perspective and exposure to leaders and industries translates to my work with non-profits and smaller organizations. It means I can move missions and people to their desired organizational destination. The big picture is attainable. And especially as a Latina woman, my belief in and commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded in all that I do.


I am certified by BoardSource as a NonProfit Consultant. My board experience is vast and has resulted in meaningful organizational change, board renewal, and board realignment. I have supported organizations and individuals alike on their journeys to evolve and achieve measurable success.


Empowered leadership, informed and engaged boards, and maximized skill sets towards shared goals mean the difference between thriving and stagnancy.

It would be my delight to build the bridge to your desired destination.

Leadership Roles


Career Highlights

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